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Every day more cities have the vision to integrate information and communication technologies to analyze what is happening. These technologies and their data help cities make better decisions to improve their efficiency, security, traffic, and waste management, among others. To collect all this data, the cities need connected sensors integrated with real-time monitoring systems, sources becoming from citizens and devices and then need to be processed and analyzed. This information and knowledge is the key to improving the inefficiency.

SMSM Technologies helps governments store and analyze the data of thousands of sensors in real-time. Using AI/ML We enable cities with the right tools to manage, monitor and predict events, situations and problems to solve them together with the city.

Intelligent SaaS Platform to Control, Monitor, Manage city operations in efficient and effective way using IoT & AI.

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Superb, comprehensive, professional. And most importantly, it makes interaction with civilian simple and fast! Thank you.

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avoid duplicate investments SaaS based pick up what you need. excellent value for money. Recommended 100%

By Ilut Municipality

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